Songs, Naked- The Lost Songs

by HADARA Levin Areddy

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You can never know, that I believe in you and more, and you can never take a stand, and hold on to, and let go. Darling, you should know by now, that no one's gonna tell you how, to look inside a woman's eyes and tell her that you know she lies. Quit asking me everything you want to know about me. I ain't never gonna tell you shit, but this song, I don’t belong, and no one's gonna kill you for a song. I don't belong, I don't belong. They have a rigid fantasy of freedom and democracy. They sell in the market place, 'cause freedom never comes for free. For everything you do, they have a pre-determined boo, politically corrected, God infected, law-protected, zeal perfected/ Quit asking me everything you want to know about me. I ain't never gonna tell you shit, but this song, I don’t belong, and no one's gonna kill you for a song. I don't belong, I don't belong.
Half a Kiss 04:41
The silver light was splashing so hard, you said good morning way too loud, I knew right then that something's going on. I heard the perfect piano hymn, coming from the other room, but it wasn't me playing, wasn't my touch, wasn’t my tune. You broke my heart tonight. I can't believe, you did it again, you fooled my heart, I lost my brain, to you. And when I asked you all about last night, you texted me, "we're fine, we didn’t do anything wrong, my lovely", And then so kindly added, "you fell asleep in perfect bliss, and it was only half a kiss", yes, only half a kiss. It was only half a kiss for all its darkly secrets, I would not ever miss that kind of half a kiss. It lingered all about the fevered room without you, "whatever gets you through" you said, and left me hanging. You broke my heart tonight. I can't believe, you did it again, you fooled my heart, I lost my brain, to you. But on the other side of heaven, another man was hurting, badly missing half the kissing, missing from his heart. He's been playing the blues to kill his pain, with only half a heart, and you know how bad it sounds, with only half a heart.
Not another sad song, pleeease! That's basically it.
Tripping, tripping free, now don't you fall in love with me. Singing, singing out loud, oh I just need to fool around. And I can't see the reason, Why you'd- ruin-it-all, and fall, in love with me. You were showing your face, with your murderous grace, you were doing your dance, in this innocent trance, stepping into the rain, you were messing my brain, tricking me down into your underground. Oh, dreamers lose their mind, forever sunless, They start as being saints, but end up being heartless. Oh, it was only half the kissing, that I was missing, but you were pissing and dissing me down. אם אחד אלוהים יגיד לי, בואי, הדרה, שבי לידי ספרי לי מה עובר עלייך, אגיד לו, אין לי מילים בשבילך, אלוהים. כבוד מלכותך, הושיע נא, תן לי מילה.
Urgent Light 04:13
And if we talked about it, would it get any better? Can tomorrow really bring a better light? If yesterday was really such a good place, perhaps today’s tomorrow’s good old times? I don’t care what your friend says about another empty glass of wine of mine, I only want to be the best and fullest me every fucking second of this life. And if your baby left you, what’s the use of falling down, unless the falling takes you to some higher grounds? There ain’t a thing to bring you down, faster than your own made up misery. Why don’t you take that little heart of your and set the little muscle free. I don’t care if she’s been the only one you ever wanted. YOU are the only one you’re ever gonna fucking be. So you better love yourself, like no babe could ever love. You better touch yourself, like no church could ever let aloud ( let be allowed). See, I’m no saint, I wouldn’t know the muse of any winged tale, no holy grail. But I can see the aching souls are jamming through the darkest wail. You better know yourself, and get yourself out bright and loud. And let this world see something of that absolutely URGENT light you hide.
I know I hurt you so. So I try real hard not to call. But sometimes I just can't stand it anymore. Baby, pick up the phone, yo. Baby it's you I wanted all along. You I wanted, you I wanted. You I wanted all along. I see your pictures on your FB wall You seem to be moving on (so many new tags). We still got some common friends, we're still connected. Why don't you pick up the phone? If it ever matters, I will always like your status. If it ever matters, let's just leave it complicated.
Baby's Gone 05:44
Baby's gone. I got the Myspace on, I've been listening to you songs, I know, my baby's gone. He's been writing up the blues, for someone else to lose. Baby's gone. Been crying out loud, all night long, I recognize the details of the song. Baby's gone GOT THE SUNSHINE IN MY HANDS, GOT THE BEAT IN MY BRAINS. GOT THE FIRE IN MY HEART, GOT THE MUSIC IN MY HEAD. THE RAIN'S BEEN POURING, AND I'VE BEEN DANCING AROUND. ספר לי איך זה לריב עם מישהו אחר ספר לי איך זה להתעורר עם מישהו אחר ספר לי איך זה בפרטים, ברגעים הכי קטנים ספר לי איך זה לכתוב שירים למישהו אחר תמיד אמרנו שנחזור, אחרי סיבוב קטן בכפור מצד שני אמרנו, שלא נביט עוד לאחור מצד שלישי ידענו, שהסיפור שלנו ירדוף אותנו עד סוף הימים
Time you learned to walk on your own, fire in your heart, and you're all alone. There must be some heaven, waiting down that road for you. Tears from nowhere on a summer night, sweat of angels over your broken heart. There must be a quiet place for the wilds like you. Lost, you're lost, and you're screaming, "oh not again" I've been here before, but it doesn't feel the same. It's getting harder, paving your own way. It's getting harder, playing that old game. You've been working hard, planning your mistakes You've been paying, but pretending, every turn's a brand new chance. Now I don't get it, but I'm always on your side, I don’t get it, but I love your crazy eyes. I took the train for a ride in the country and I shook my pride and the crowd said I'm crazy and I looked around and the purple turned hazy so I Tried to feel, but my heart sort of placed me too high I ain't waiting for the storm to cease. I ain't waiting for the heart to ease. I'm just taking a walk, on this less traveled road into your mind
Turn around and let me see, this ain't the girl you used to be, I see a new light coming up your beaming face. Glowing like some newness flowing, love is showing, there's a brave new knowing, absolutely shining, full of grace Open up those doors you kept so tightly closed, you feel exposed, and shaky, slightly flakey, scared of shady thoughts, you left behind. Fresh and sharp, the air is creepy, deeply biting, slighting, skin so thin, the light is blinding, must be painful to your mind. Show your face, it's time. Leave those fears behind. Set your mind on fire, your desire is the worlds' command.
Making love to you was never easy. I was always kind of way too busy. Falling in love With myself Just in case No one else Was falling in love with myself just in case no one else. You and I are one and the same now, my, my. I was always sure that I was gonna make it. Never realized that I could never fake it. Falling in love With you Just in case No one knew Was falling in love with myself just in case no one else
On a blue note you traveled, and came all the way, to be open and all, you just knew what to say, but the heart, it was cold, it was broken & starved, and you never once mentioned the time when we cried. Oh, maybe I just don't fit with your dreams. But neither do you, babe, so it seems. Perhaps on the highway to somewhere unknown. You'd open your mind and see on your own. That I loved you… Born for this war, you said, you're the rebel and enemy. Though gentle & truthful, you revel in blasphemy. But I never once asked you to join in my church.
Wedding Song 05:22
The night before his wedding day he went to see his best old friend, and held his own head in his hand. Oh me, oh my, he paced the room, he poured himself a glass of rum and ice and turned to face his tired friend ( eyes). Why can't we take the train, he strained his brain, tonight, right now, and sneak away up high, and far above those April skies. Here I am, having sex again with a girl who doesn’t like Bob Dylan. And don’t you think, it really seems like you and I were always on the swing of things, the coolest babes, the stars, the ecstasy, oh please, oh please, why don't you come along with me. And as he turns to leave again, he grabs his best friend’s tender hands, I don’t know what came over me. I have to go, my bride awaits, all in white imperial party dress. Here I am, having sex again with a girl who doesn’t like Bob Dylan...Elliot Smith...Ryan Adams...James Brown....Amy Mann...Ray Lamontagne...Marvin Gaye...Bright Eyes....Shlomi Shabban...Me. But at least I'm having sex again. And it's good. :)
All is vanity, and chasing after the wind, said the king, the rise and the fall, the great and the small, said the king who had seen it all. The sun rises, and the sun goes down. The wind blows south, and it turns around. All the rivers run into the sea, yet the sea isn't full. And nothing is new under the sun. If you see something new, you know it's been done. So go and have fun, and enjoy being young. All is vanity, and chasing after the wind, said the king, the rise and the fall, the great and the small said the king who had seen it all That which is crooked can’t be made straight; and too much wisdom can get you real mad. And knowing too much can get you real sad; But laughter is foolish, and joy, what does it get? I tried to be happy, drinking some wine, I built myself houses and gardens of all shapes and kinds. I gathered silver and treasures of kings. I got myself singers, and big bands and blings. So I was greater than anyone before. Whatever I desired, I got it and more. All is vanity, and chasing after the wind, said the king, the rise and the fall, the great and the small said the king who had seen it all There's reason and time for everything under the sky: a time to be born, and a time to die; a time to break and a time to make; a time to love, and a time to hate; Sometimes sorrow is better than laughter; and sometimes sadness can get your heart higher. Sometimes the hard core yelling of the wise is better than the pop song of fools and the sweetness of lies. And yesterday's heart aches can be tomorrow's good old times. Now don’t be overly righteous, neither overly wise. I've seen the just men suffer and the evil men thrive. When the wise don't get the fortune, the skilled don't get the fame and no one knows who's winning or losing this game. All is vanity and chasing after the wind, said the king the rise and the fall, to the great and the small said the king who knew it all
There's a road in you that no one can deny. And I'm here for you like no one ever tried. It took a million years to be And another million years to see. But I'm here for you forever. If you just let me be When we split a part, heaven poured like the world just ended. Where you touched my heart, the ache you left could not be mended. Sleep pretty baby, I know you know better. There's a door in your heart and a two way ladder. You can fall on your knees, you can cry all you please. You're always on your own with that jealous back bone from hell. Sleep pretty baby on this stormy weather. Let your mind rest a bit, I hope you feel better.
Senseless 02:59
The roads are endless, and it's senseless, your wishes helpless, trying to figure what you really want and where you're heading to. I've been turning down some faces I may never see again, and if I missed your eyes I'm sorry, I think I'm turning blue. I never meant to hurt you, if I chose a different road, we might have never met and never had to ache this much, this long Now this whole design is way too freaking-complicated, we can't follow back the choices that we made along the road some time ago. We're stuck blind & sweaty, my mind goes heavy, in the deep of the summer heat, I think I'm going crazy. How could we cover up our wounded hearts, across our minds, beyond our fear, stay near and persevere. Sometime I get lost in the too many notes I carry around, and the one that you need the most can never be found anywhere at all. And I look at you and wonder, as my whole life falls asunder, how do you manage your own disadvantage and get us safely through the wall.
Going nowhere, sinking in your hands. Names, friends, everything's flooding my head. And I'm just standing, like a frozen hope. Head's spinning 360 degrees on the road Empty headed, I'm losing my desire. Empty pockets, I'm running out of fire. And I'm… Losing my direction, I'm choking on my spark. Watching my reflection melting in the dark. Oh, I'm stuck, stuck, like a frozen hope. Even worse, I see nothing on this endless road. And then you came along, re-charging my every song Starting over, I'm starting over, on my own
If I Believe 03:04
The sound you left behind, was teasing up my mind with promises and hopes. It's been a while and still, I can't forget the thrill, of rolling down that slope. And if I believed, I probably wouldn't leave I wouldn't ever go And now I feel so small for ever letting go the thing I wanted so. Time has come again to take me by my hand and show me through the roughest end. I'm scared of all this light, when everything looks bright, I still don't ever really trust it. And if I believed, I probably wouldn't leave I wouldn't ever go And now I feel so small for ever letting go the thing I wanted so.
I'm just taking a ride in the sunnier side of your turbulent mind. See if I can get anything to play with the rest of these bantering/ stifling nights. I don't cry and regret I don't try to forget I'm just playing with words in my head I'm not going insane I'm just clearing my brains For you I just imagined myself in your head, taking a trip with your heart in my hand. Rain keeps falling a and I keep missing the signs on the slippery road, what a load. Speak now, baby, I know you know better. I left you a lone and I know you read my letter. I can tell by your eyes that you betrayed my trust. Going through all my secret pages of lust. Now you know for sure that you're not my number one. And if you want to be free, you know you gotta run. But it's not a big deal, and at least it's fucking real. But no one's ever free, so let it all be, and try to feel. You're stuck in between wrong and very wrong. Whichever way you turn, you will never belong. Now you won't let me know, but you cannot play it cool. You're not letting go, but you know I'm not a fool. Sure, you were wrong to look, and I was wrong to hide. We never said the truth, but we never really lied. So now's the time to say it out fucking loud. I'm the androgynous lover, I never loved another, but myself. Still, I need you to love me like nobody else.
Wrong Turn 03:50
It’s a wrong turn you take, and a wrong joke you make, kissing me like that. I’m your biggest mistake, and your sweetest heart ache, holding me like that. You lock the door. You count the score. You’re hanging in, till the cold is gone. I take the street And I drink for you... La la la I take the street. I slam the door. I wander off. I let you go. You’re crying out. You won’t let go. I forget to ease. I forget to slow.
Is it you or is it me, see, I believe we shouldn't be this way. But nothing seems to matter now, sometimes love is not enough to save the day. Don't you know, you're gonna fall, and sometimes you just gotta speak your mind up. Sorry baby, I don't like it, when you close your eyes and fake it through the night. La la la… I miss the days we used to hang, and drink to dreams and fill our heads with bliss. We didn't plan that one of us would hit the skies, while one of us would miss. Life ain't fair, we know it well, but no one thought that dreams can turn to hell, like that. I'm trying to forget you now,with all my heart forget you now, but life gets in the way.
She loves the letter Z And I think she loves me But I don’t know for sure How can you ever know Those place you go Leave me empty She doesn’t know my name And I think she’s insane But I don’t know for sure She spent a year or two In love with U But always needed more I like pretty things and diamond rings But I’m ok with her The way she talks on the phone The way she leaves me alone I can’t get enough of her But I'm alright, yes, I'm alright. 'Cause I never wanted anything more than you. Anything more than you, more than you, Anything more than you!


Hadara's 12th album and and a crazy venture, these are 21 songs in their original, raw, unpolished & naked state of matter, as recorded during rehearsal jams. This is a window into the intimate fun of the naked songs, and song making, as taken by a candid camera of sorts. Looking for the parts, messing up the lyrics, trying out new breaks, twisting a chord, flipping a line, getting carried away in the moment, and getting a song together from scratch. It's all there, on tape. The soul, and the original sin. No multi tracks, no mixing, no frills. Just a flimsy room mike, some cool vibes & something REAL to say. The sound may be somewhat raw and rough at times, but it's the real deal. Also, if you link into the individual songs, you will find the stories behind each song, and the full lyrics. You may contact Hadara directly for booking shows & talks, and for purchasing t-shirts & some original art.
Mail Hadara directly via the side bar contacts, or:


released July 30, 2013

Written by Hadara Levin Areddy
Except for * Anything More
Playing & fooling along:
Hadara ( Piano+ lead), Naaman Tal ( guitars), Avi Schneider ( trombone+ vox), Elad Sikel (guitar), Yaron Elimelech (drums), Roy Rieck (harmonica), Alon Neuman (drums), Daphna Rechter (sax), Assaf Krauss (drums), Shay Saadia (bass), Assa Bukleman (guitar), Duvid Swirsky (guitar & vox).
Fixing & saving the tracks: Adaam James Levin Areddy, Yehuda Kachlon, Hadara Levin Areddy.
Cover photograph: Alon Vagenfeld
Cover design: Hadara Levin Areddy
All trakcs recorded during rehearsal jams except Urgent Light, Wrong Turn,Anything More, recorded during live shows.
* Anything More written By Hadara Levin Areddy & Duvid Swirsky.
All tracks recorded originally on ONE track, no mixing involved, no mastering, no messing about. They're all true naked.


all rights reserved



HADARA Levin Areddy Israel

A singer/song writer, a rapper, a writer, a determined iconoclast, a free speech advocate. She released 15 albums and authored 3 books (poetry & prose). Loves Christopher Hitchens, Sam Harris, Tim Minchin. For further info, see: ... more

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