by HADARA Levin Areddy



This is an experimental, home made tracks album, rather than SONGS album. It's in the making, but you may download it while in the making. Final shape may take a whole new direction. So, whatever you download now, is a sort of a unique, quaint, naked, pre-final version of the album & tracks. Some may become songs. Some may be called songs in the future. With time, new tracks will be added, till the final cut will come upon. They used to call it the B-side, the Wild side, the Other side. Well, Hadara calls it the NO SONGS side. Enjoy & support the artist.


released December 1, 2011

All songs/tracks are written & produced by Hadara Levin Areddy



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


HADARA Levin Areddy Israel

A singer/song writer, a rapper, a writer, a determined iconoclast, a track maker, song maker, mood swinger, who knows pretty well that too much of a good thing can get her right to hell. Starting kinda late, she hurried to release 10 loaded albums within 9 years. Now she's looking forward for the next rush, going indie again. ... more

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Track Name: The One
When you're looking around
What are you hoping to find?
I'm looking for the one, for the one love,
And the one life, for the right one &the best one,
& the best seat, & the one beat, in the deep heat.
And the right heart of the one man, & the right hand
in the best house, & the best game,
And the best name, and the best man.

But you're wasting your while, & you're missing the smile

I'm-a-giving it to you on a plate of gold,
Take me and leave what you can't afford.
I'm a giving it to you on a plate of words,
Rhythm is kicking & flipping my chords.

I'm looking for the one call, & the deep fall,
& the rise back, & the right track,
& the best way, on the best day,
& the right time, & the best rhyme,
& best babe with the best line, of the bass line
& the right dress on the prime aisle, & the one ass, & the one lie.

You gotta seize the opportunities you're given, to be even,
though the price you paid will never be forgotten nor forgiven
Track Name: Hadara Levin Areddy - That Easy
It can't be that easy :)