Rage Against the Eclipse

by HADARA Levin Areddy

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This is Hadara's 13the album, to be released in full hopefully around Febuary 2015. Till then, new songs are being gradually added, once completed. The album features various cool indie producers, who each took Hadara's songs in his own home style. Many gems are discovered, many unique styles.

"It's my f^&cking 13th album in a world that does't care about albums anymore. And I dig it. I got lazy and tired myself. And, well, I wanted to try something new. That too. So I recklessly threw my songs into the suspect but alluring hands of some cool indie producers, and left them dear songs in their mercy. And I promised myself, no matter what they do to my songs, I'll stand by them ( songs) and I'll acknowledge my parenthood. Luckily, so far, I still love my songs and am pretty proud of the result. Seriosuly, though, it's been an amazing adventure. Not as easy as I'd hoped, but easy enough. I got more involved than I had planned, but just on the edges. I really encouraged the producers to do all the murky work. I only wrote the songs. I had some 100 or more new songs, and I let the the producers pick their favorite. I was afraid they'd all pick the same song, but curiously, they didn't. I thoufh it was strange, that none had the same taste. There wasn't even one song that they picked together. I had even toyed with the idea of having one song produced by a few producers. It was like diving into a different producer's world, for every new song, Quite a trip". (HADARA)


releases 15 February 2015



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HADARA Levin Areddy Israel

A singer/song writer, a rapper, a writer, a determined iconoclast, a track maker, song maker, mood swinger, who knows pretty well that too much of a good thing can get her right to hell. Starting kinda late, she hurried to release 10 loaded albums within 9 years. Now she's looking forward for the next rush, going indie again. ... more

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This is bad, this is bad, babe.
I don't think that we can fake it.
This is bad, this is bad, babe.
Nothing you can say could save it.
Don't tell me that you love me,
I don't want to know.
Don't tell me, 'cause it scares me,
I don;t want to go.
Gonna run, gonna run, gonna run, as far as I can.
Gonna take, gonna take, gonna take, as much as I need.
Gonna ache, gonna ache, gonna ache, as much as I please.
Just leave me alone.
Track Name: IS IT TOO LATE
I looked at you hard, I looked at you strong, I knew you were wrong.
But I wanted you bad, I knew you were mad, your eyes they were sad;
they were looking at me.

Is it too late, is it too bad, is it too much,
for your kind of touch.
You're tripping me out, I know you were right,
I'm losing my mind
Over you. I'm over you.

Whom are you kidding; you couldn't bet better, you're closer than ever
to the land of the free. You never belonged, as you always preferred a good song over me.

All those stories collected, not inter-related, can be well nominated for the best show in town. But what is it to you, if through you, they're all getting to you this time.
Track Name: MAMA BLUES
My mama broke her heart on her way to save me.
If I only knew, this broken heart would take us to
A better place / a higher ground, mama.

She smiled at me, she said, don't worry about it baby.
You got the best blues, so you can never lose,
They'll never let you down.

Oh mama, sweet ma, you're too good but don't you know?
It doesn't matter who you are, or where you go,
The devil always takes it all.

My ma kisses me, she says, you've always been a smart ass
There's always a taking & shooting & faking & lying & buying & fighting & crying
Don't let it ever stop you, girl

But mama, no one ever listen anymore/ to my song.
If it ain't coming fast from a reality TV blast,
The genius of the crown will crash it down.

Oh babe, I don't much about the music business.
But your song Is cutting a hole in the skies.

Now, I don't want to break your heart again, mama/
But too much of this good stuff will mess you up real tough.